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18 October 2017 @ 07:44 pm
Hello, fellow drama cd lovers. Yes! I am still alive!
The lack of updates in this blog and the listing is due to several reasons.

  1. Lack of update from the seiyuu themselves.

  2. Adapting to work schedule.

  3. Juggling between work-hobbies-rest.

  4. Playing too much MMO lol.

Probably brought by karma, my PC has been broken for 5 weeks now. Since I'm currently a week off from work, I got myself to catch up with drama cd and updating my listing once again. Apart from that, I have moved the list into excel spreadsheet for better organization. I have always wanted to use this format. However, my lack of literacy working in excel kept me away from it. It's very easy to use when you know what to do actually. ( •̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Link to updated listing!

Some information are still blank. You can help filling them up if the cells are not locked. I feel Yucchi's list won't be updated very frequently as he has gone silent for a quite a while (his new blcd will be out in october btw!). Meanwhile, Yamachan.... is more active on the R18 side than BL. (´w` ); Although I love his voice, I try to avoid his r18 cds for reasons even I can't explain. It is the same case as Maatan where I stopped listening to his R18 works when he just keep popping every month with new ero cds. www (Good for him tho!) Hence, I may not be able to provide recommendations in R18 category except for a few of his older works.

Hopefully the new format will be much easier to refer to. Please let me know if there are any titles I had missed!
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31 December 2015 @ 08:58 pm

December was really painful for my wallet due to several reasons. 1) I got myself a PC!! Mainly to cater my needs for games (mmo mostly). It was one of my longest life goals so glad it has come true now. 2) Yearly convention which has been the only event that could make me spent a lot in 1 day. www

  • Hasure stuff from @YKT_4th!

  • TsukiPro Series 「Welcome to the Wonderland」

I'm a total fanatic over Harklight x Slaine (Aldnoah.Zero) ship, and @YKT_az did very very good Hasure fanarts (lots of them too). Only when she open orders for the acrylic keychain I was able to get the Now & Forever fanbook since Toranoana doesn't accept debit card payment. Sadly, I was out of budget when the preorder opened (november) so I couldn't get one more fanbook she has. T__T

I need more of Yamachan's singing hence, also bought TsukiPro series character song 「Welcome to the Wonderland」. Still waiting for the day he will do a Kabedon SONG. I mean, it is suspicious enough that Yamachan hosts IrisQuartz radio without releasing any CD under the said label (of course the adult version is not him). xD


゚*。☆ヾ(´∀`) HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! (´∀`)ノ☆。*゚
30 November 2015 @ 04:23 pm

In order to make this LJ slightly more active, I've decided to make posts on my occasional loots from time to time! ヽ(・ω・)ノ

As for this November, I've acquired:

  • Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu (Vol.2) Saeki Renji ( +Stellaworth Tokuten)

  • Dakarete Kara Hajimaru Koi ~Aoba Hen~

Well, Soine CD is basically 90% filled with Katou's audio porn. Although they didn't state Renji's age, I guessed he should be around 35+ ...which audibly-perfect for him! (Katou Masayuki is 43yo btw.) However, his Sasayaka CD raised the bar too damn high for me. ww Overall, I rate my enjoyment 50-50 for this one. The Katou porn is still Katou-deadly though! Oh, did I mention his ticklish giggles are so much fun to listen to?! *_*

Meanwhile, Yamanaka's Dakarete CD!!!!!! It was so good!! Despite being hopelessly majime, he softens up and became so endearing whenever he comes home and talk to his cat. Listening to it gave me a sweet, fluffy, and happy feelings -- countless of pillow throwing too. ww I enjoyed every moments they had: the rain scene, their date... (〃´ω`〃) 10/10 definitely a worth purchase!
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My new bias, Yamanaka Masahiro! I call him Yamachan most of the time; a pure (maybe not) angel/moeblob with a maiden heart (。U‿U。)♡. I started become aware of him from the game 『神学校-Noli me tangere-』, where he voiced Robert Carahan (♡♡♡♡). Of course due to pseudonym, I didn't know who he was until I recognized the same voice in Sora to Hara drama cd a year later.
After various of minor characters in BL, Yamachan finally gained a main role in 2014 with MAKARE drama CD (uke debut!), followed by Galtia (BL game) this year. I was super ecstatic during those times; 3 years agonizing over the lack of his voice, glad he's gaining more roles now! (((*°∀°)

This listing will have both BLCD and R18 Situation CD works. Since he is more active in the latter department, that section might be longer/more frequently updated. ^^; (New!) Starting 18/10/2017, I have moved the list from this LJ post to an excel spreadsheet for better viewing. There are 3 categories (tabs) to choose: SEME, UKE, R18. Similar to my other BL listing, I won't include titles where he's a supporting character with no involvement in intimate scenes.

If you wish to share the list, please link to this LJ post.
Lastly, if there's any titles that I missed, feel free to let me know! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇ ⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇ ⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇ ⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇
Updated: 18/10/2017
⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇ ⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇ ⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇ ⋇⊶⊰❣⊱⊷⋇
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18 October 2015 @ 07:25 pm
Hello, to those who are still following this blog (thank you very much!)
Yusa's listing is finally updated with the following titles:

// Situation CD //
Strawberry Time vol.1 Kaito Miura
Ikizukai Series Byoin Hen~ Isha to Kanjya no Toriai Toiki~

// BLCD //
Tsumi no Shitone mo Nureru Yoru 2
Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi

Kachou Fuugetsu
Yusa Kouji x Takeuchi Ken

Fusoku no Renjou
Maeno Tomoaki x Yusa Kouji

Kachou Fuugetsu and Fusoku no Renjou were last year releases, while the rest are this year. Yep, not that many which result to less frequent update on his listing. ^^; Although similarly few, I am not that alert with his otome/situation CDs. So if there's any titles that I missed, please let me know! Yucchi has become a rare species nowadays! ( ;Д;)

On other note, I've successfully graduated almost a year ago. Currently still adapting to the daily schedule of working adult and trying my best to juggle time for drama cds/games/seiyuus/animes. Speaking of drama cds, there are times where I indulged R18 cds more than blcds. ww Which lead me to add more seiyuus into my bias list.

I am especially crazy over Yamanaka Masahiro currently especially after he has made major(main role) debut in blcd last year and blgame this year! He's a real life otome in person too! (≧∇≦) Hence, I am planning to make a listing for him as well. The list will have his BL and R18 Situation works.